Movie Review: Freddy vs. Jason

I wasn’t going to write about this complete piece of shlock, but felt that I needed to vent.  Wasn’t there a studio executive, or multiple studio executives on Freddy vs. Jason?  Did they read the script?

At no point, at any second was this scary or even close to scary.  It wasn’t even that gory.  It was just lame. Complete with mediocre chicks, the Jay and Silent Bob stoner clone, the fat drunk/smoker who somehow thinks he’s awesome but in real life would get beat up for being this big of a douchebag.

Some kid gets killed at a house with another group of kids and they all go to school the next day.  Not only that, but they go to a rave that night.  Exactly.  Makes no sense.

Did I mention that the kid who gets killed’s best friend gets killed along with his dad before the rave?

And it just keeps getting worse from there.  Throw in Robert Englund hamming it up as Freddy and you have one of the worst films I’ve seen in years.

Oh… did I also mention there is a scene where Freddy plays pinball with Jason’s body in a warehouse?  Sound effects and all.



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