Top Films of 2009

Without further ado, and exactly three weeks after the end of 2009… I bring you the list of my top ten films of 2009.  It’s amazing that I wound up seeing more movies being back in New York than when I was in Los Angeles.  You get so wrapped up in what you’re doing out there, it is easy to forget why you’re there in the first place.

A special mention cause I justcan’t vote for my own movie.  Butseriously, best film of the year. Maybe.
1.   Avatar
            Afeat in filmmaking.
Tense, gripping and superblydone.  Anyone that hasn’t seen this‘little’ war film needs to. Asap.  Done by KathrynBigelow, who somehow makes more guys guy movies than just about anyone.
The most fun at the movies in2009.  I had a smile on my face theentire time.  And seeing it in 3Dmade it that much better.
Mann being Mann.  Depp being Depp… and a supporting castthat surrounds them that blows any other film this year away.
Funniest movie of the year.  Refreshing to see a comedy that wasn’tsecretly about some sappy love story.
6.   District 9
The biggest little sci-fi film in along time.  Blomkamp’s short filmis one of my favorite of all time, and I was really looking forward to this –and it delivered.  Although therewere some things that I couldn’t buy, it was fun and sucked me in.
Tarantino’s return to form.  I actually didn’t want to see thisafter suffering through Grind House. But I’m glad I did.  I thinkthey actually did a bad job of selling this film, as it was much better thanthe trailer let on.  Pitt wasn’t soabsurdly over the top (Burn After Reading) and it wasn’t goofy.  It all seemed to fit, which is a hugeachievement by QT.
Dark, terrifying and sad… but oddlyfun.  I know, it makes no sense,but either does this film.  And itwas great.  Made me feel like acare-free kid again.
9.    Gomorrah
The best foreign film of the yearwas an engrossing look at modern ‘mafia’ in Italy. Which is more Boyz n theHood or New Jack City than Godfather.
I tend to despise these chic, toosmart for their own good geek romance movies.  While this movie still had some of the trappings (theannoyingly precocious younger sister), it still came out on top.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the realreason this was able to shine.  Thescript was clever in a good way, and the direction really paid it off.

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