Movie Review: Antibodies

Antibodies is a German film from 2005, so I’m a little late to the party. I usually don’t post reviews of films even over a year old, but this film got my attention.

It starts off with such a tense in-your-face bang, it was hard for it not to keep my attention throughout. It is a gripping journey into the mind of a serial killer and the obsession of those looking for answers to why he did what he did. Andre Hennicke puts in what is definitely the creepiest performances since Anthony Hopkins. He even has a line, ‘What’d you expect, Hannibal Lecter?’ And then he sniffs the air like Lecter. It was well-timed, well-delivered and a nod to what is probably the most classic serial killer movie of all-time. The rest of the cast was extremely strong and the photography was excellent, setting a pitch perfect tone. It was one of those foreign films that I will probably never forget. Was it perfect? No. But it kept you guessing throughout with the way the story unfolds. And it reminded me of something I would aspire to in a film like this.

Alas, it is already set-up with another producer/studio so I’m sure you’ll see the watered down Hollywood version soon enough. With someone doing their best Hopkins impersonation, rather than putting a fresh spin on it like Henneke.


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