Top Films of the Decade

This was one of the harder lists I’ve ever had to make.  Besides the late 90’s, this constituted the majority of my ‘mature’ film-watching.  And I consumed a LOT of movies.

I am not the type of person who derides studio movies.  In fact, for the most part, I like studio movies.  But I found it really interesting how there were a lot of foreign films in my list.  My top three films of the decade are actually imports and Ping Pong came in at #9.

There are so many that could slip in and out of the top ten, or jump ten spots up or down, depending on what mood I’m in. Films like Cache, Old Boy and Zodiac still sit with me, and I think over time I might look back and slide them into the top ten or closer to it.  Bourne Supremacy, in my opinion, blew away the first one in every aspect and reinvigorated serious action movies, and might be my favorite action movie of the 2000’s and yet I still put it behind Gladiator… a film I feel is slightly flawed… mostly because I have sat and watched Gladiator a hundred times and every time it is on I find myself watching it.  In compiling this list, I went through my top tens of each year… and was amazed how some films either didn’t hold up or were much better over time.  I had Gran Turino as my top film of 2008 and it didn’t even crack this list of my top forty films of the 2000’s.

I did not write a little bit about each one, as I save this for my year end lists.  If you want to know why I liked one of these, or had one higher than another… I’m more than willing to share.

1.            InfernalAffairs
2.            Cityof God
3.            CrouchingTiger, Hidden Dragon
4.            FridayNight Lights
5.            Anchorman
6.            There Will Be Blood
7.            Zoolander
8.            Memento
9.            PingPong
10.          Requiemfor a Dream
11.            Avatar (3D)
12.            Gladiator
13.            Ocean’sEleven
14.            Bourne Supremacy
15.            Casino Royale
16.            Acrossthe Universe
17.            MillionDollar Baby
18.            8Mile
19.            TheNew World
20.            Battle Royale
21.            BlackHawk Down
22.            OldSchool
23.            BatmanBegins
24.            OldBoy
25.            X2:X-Men United
26.            IncredibleHulk
27.            WeddingCrashers
28.            KillBill (combined volumes)
29.            Cache
30.            Lordof the Rings (combined)
31.            Tell No One
32.            Napolean Dynamite
33.            Zodiac
34.            District13
35.            Cloudywith a Chance of Meatballs (3D)
36.            Once
37.            Pan’s Labyrinth
38.            Evil
39.            Borat
40.            Battle for Terra – you didn’t think I’d leave this off, did you?
Special Mention:
The Room – the single worst movie, but greatest movie goingexperience of my life. Hands down.

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