Movie Review: Hunger

Not something I saw in theaters, but I wanted to talk about it briefly.   Directed by Steve McQueen (rough having to live in a legend’s shadow – this guy might want to use a middle initial), Hunger is an English film about Northern Ireland that was made in 2008.

It starts off somewhat slow and for the most part there are about 30 minutes of dialogue in the entire film – the majority coming from one scene – which plays in one long shot.  Visually, the movie is striking.  And Bobby Sands, although we don’t meet him until later – is definitely who/what we gravitate towards.  I was waiting for the end credits to roll to see who plays him – and was astonished to see it was Michael Fassbender.  I’ve seen his name go flying around for various roles recently and kept asking myself, what’s up with this guy?  Well, now I know.  He’s awesome.

The movie is definitely hard to watch, as it depicts awful prison conditions and then the final, horrible days of Bobby Sands – who died while on a hunger strike.  This topic is somewhat dear to me as I support a united Ireland and, although don’t always support their methods, support the IRA.


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