Movie Review: Frozen is the type of film that typically wouldn’t interest me.  But it was on someone’s year end list that I respect (as a good horror film)… so I queued it up on Netflix.

It’s a relatively short film, with a relatively short build up to the predicament.  3 college kids go skiing for the day, try to get one last run in before the mountain closes, get caught on the chair lift without anyone knowing.  It was a Sunday, so they have a full 5 days before anyone will likely come by.  Add in the fact that it is below freezing and there are ravenous wolves waiting below and you have what is essentially the plot of Frozen.  It’s not bad… and moves by briskly.  All three actors – Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zegers, Emma Bell – sort of bothered me at first, but as the movie went on that wore off… although ultimately I wasn’t concerned about their survival as much as I should have been.  

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