Movie Review: She’s Out of My League

Alice Eve is obscenely hot.  She’s Out of My League makes this abundantly clear throughout, but I just wanted to reiterate.  Alice Eve is obscenely hot.  

And therein lies the premise behind the film.  An out of shape, nerdy, ugly guy – Jay Baruchel – starts to date a girl that is way out of his league.  
Friends of mine that like the same comedies as me downplayed this movie.  They weren’t that into it.  So I went in thinking it would be something on in the background.  But I wound up being glued to this whole thing.  I thought it was really funny and I liked all of the characters.  Even the friend who is over the top annoying, he never let up – and I respected that.  I love the fat guy from the VW commercials (from a few years ago).  Everything he said made me laugh.  I really like Kristin Ritter.  When she tells some guy to shit on his hand on the airplane, it was pretty hilarious.  
There were some truly good moments in the film – right after he gives a speech to his family about how he is done with them and his ex-ex-girlfriend – he realizes he can’t get off  a plane and has to sit right back down with them.  There are some other contrivances – such as prematurely ejaculating in his pants. It was funny in American Pie.  Here it seems forced.  
All-in-all, not a bad way to spend two hours. 

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