35 Movie Minute Podcast

The inaugural 35 Movie Minute podcast is in the books.  Rob and I finally sat down to record this thing, after a year long startup battle.  We ran pretty long (over two hours), but it was a lot of fun.  Now it’ll be about a day while Rob cuts it down to 35 minutes.  

It’s going to take some time to refine the format and get in a groove.  Also, I realized there was a massive amount of film new because of Toronto.  From now on we’ll have special additional segments dedicated to festivals, award shows, etc…  and focus the podcast on Hollywood-centric news.
Look for the audio file sometime tonight or tomorrow.  You can follow us and stay up-to-date at:
Karol Wisniewski is working on coding the website now and that should be ready to go by the end of the week or so (www.35movieminutes.com).  

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