Enter… a Cut of White Space

This past weekend, Eric Potter finished a cut of White Space.  There is a lot of outstanding previz that may (and will) affect the edit slightly and we are still waiting on notes from the director and other two producers… but for the most part, it is done.  To say it is night and day from the first cut I saw (with a different editor) would be a drastic understatement.

Without a doubt, the two best hires of my short film career are Production Designer Jessee Clarkson and Eric.  I always knew we had a good film in there, but I was definitely feeling down-and-out about where the film was headed.  There were people involved with the film that wanted to move forward with the edit as it was.  I went through a similar experience (although during the development phase) on my first film. I strapped my seatbelt on and refused to do it again…

From the first emails about the film, Eric understood exactly what needed to be done. He was highly recommended from a friend whose opinion of production/film I hold in high esteem, and although Eric and I had never worked together – not once did I doubt that he’d come through. He stepped into a tough situation and just killed it.

This movie is a beast. Now that the story and characters sizzle?  It is going to blow people’s minds in terms of what we were able to do with what he had.  I honestly don’t think people will believe us.


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