Movie Review: Brothers Bloom

As a fan of his debut effort, Brick, I was high on Rian Johnson… but after being underwhelmed by the trailer and everything I read/heard about Brothers Bloom I kept putting it off.  Two conmen in hipster suits just isn’t my idea of a good time.  I like Adrien Brody just fine, and I’m a Mark Ruffalo fan (I could live without Rachel Weisz although I do find myself liking most of her movies, so I may actually just be in denial).

Although rather late, I finally caught up to his sophomore effort.  It isn’t exactly what I expected, but it is definitely a departure from Brick.  It was a pretty whimsical film, moving at a brisk pace.  But that meant I also didn’t connect with it that much.  So when all of these cons and double crosses are going down at the end, none of it really mattered to me.  It was almost too smart and hip for its own good.  The cast were all good, including Weisz, and since this would be a rental or download I’d definitely recommend checking it out at some point.

Johnson is in post on his sci-fi pic Looper, once again making a departure and I’m interested to see how he does with that material.  I like someone who takes chances.




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