New Film Project

I’ve got something that has been percolating for the last few weeks, but is finally bubbling to the service.  As it looks like R.E.M. (the feature film) isn’t going to happen in the spring or summer, I was getting very antsy.  I wanted to be in production on a project.  There was something I was and am working on – which is called Penny Black.  But after a few months away from the outline took another look and wanted to start over.  I was actually combining that outline with the outline for another project, called Lemontown.  I was about to start that process when something else dawned on me.

Let me start by saying that I am not the biggest fan of the genre I’m about to work in.  I do watch every film from that genre, but it is like self-torture.  Found footage films.

It isn’t that I have a dislike for the genre in particular.  I think there are some fun films made, like Paranormal Activity 3, Catfish, The Last Exorcism and TrollHunter.  But for most of the films, I am always wondering why the subject decided to let someone film them or I’m pulling my hair out saying, ‘there’s no way you’d still be filming!’

But with that thinking, I believe I can attack something like this in a positive manner.  Coming up with actual solutions as to why the subject is willing and why the camera is rolling.

It is a horror project… in the world of mythical creatures.  I called my fellow USC Peter Stark classmate and co-writer on Harbor Moon Dikran Ornekian to talk to him about it maybe a week ago.  He started to get into it and three conversations on the phone later, and a few dozen hours in the library working on various outlines, we cracked the story.  And I’m glad to say he’s onboard to write.  We’re both hoping to have a script within the month.  That’s how quickly this is flowing.

I’ve already ran the outline by Production Designer Jessee Clarkson and he’s jazzed on the idea.  In fact, after a long talk he’s already throwing out ideas that will affect the story, etc… It feels great to have this collaborative atmosphere on a project.  Where people you actually trust are not only doing what they need to do, but their work affects the story – in a manner that fits with what I see in my head.  This is the anti-sci-fi film I just produced (which I won’t name), where the director’s ego was so large that he was closed off to collaboration.  Because of this, department heads did not get along or had little to no communication and the project suffers because of it.  This is fine if you actually have talent or know what you’re doing.  But he doesn’t.

I’m excited about the project and right now am still sorting out where we are going to shoot.  The possible locations are Los Angeles, Atlanta or New York.  I’ll bring you more updates as they come in.


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