Movie Review: Bellflower

A movie by Silver Lake hipsters, for Silver Lake hipsters.  With no plot, under developed characters and a meandering drive, Bellflower ultimately leads nowhere.

Two slacker buddies from the mid-west relocate to Los Angeles – or what looks like the fringes of Los Angeles – to follow their dream of building a flame thrower and/or becoming characters in Mad Max.  It is never really quite clear.  It also isn’t clear how they get their money or why on earth they think this is a good idea.

The acting is poor, the direction is worse and the why of it all is left up in the air without even a hint of an answer.  Why is this chick sleeping with what I thought was her brother/cousin at her boyfriend’s house when she actually lives with the guy I thought was her brother/cousin?  Why does he get beat up by an old guy at a gas station but somehow manages to beat down the bigger brother/cousin and then take out a giant dude at a party?  Why does no one have a job?  Why does his friend not care when he steals the girl he was with?  Why does everyone seem to live a block away from each other?  Why do we care about any of these people?  Why was this film receiving so much press?  Why was this film ever made?


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