Movie Review: The Sitter

I wanted to end the fat Jonah Hill-era on a high note.  Desperately.  I really like fat Jonah Hill.  He was great in Superbad and really impressed in Get Him to the Greek, as well as Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  But The Sitter was a turkey from the opening scene all the way to the end.

Every element of this film felt forced.  From the plot contrivances, to the zany bad guys (Sam Rockwell slumming it here for some reason), to the various personalities of the children… to the ‘our night together solved our lifelong problems’ conclusion.  None of it was particularly interesting, mostly because we weren’t along for the ride with Noah Griffin’s journey.  I hated Marissa from the start, and I’ve got to assume most of the audience did.  It would have been better to start off with her using him, but liking him – then her not liking him and using him.  Then we discover the truth as he does.  I’m not sure that would have saved the film, as it just wasn’t funny.  And it is a comedy.  I laughed maybe two or three times – and only because of Hill’s impeccable timing and delivery.  The gags and dialogue all fell flat.

I would have preferred a straight remake of Adventures in Babysitting.  At least that film was fun, filled with adventure and you could get onboard with Elizabeth Shue as she went on this wild ride.


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