Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

If you check your brain at the door, The Adjustment Bureau could be a fun movie.  Solely because the chemistry and banter between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt is fantastic.  The story that surrounds them falls a bit flat though.

Anthony Mackie is always solid and gives a good performance, in fact all of the performances were pretty good (Slattery is made for TV though)… the problem is they don’t have much to do.  The concept that God is the chairmen and these angels are like 1950’s feds is kind of cool, but in the same way an SNL skit could be good for 3 minutes but not over the course of an entire feature.  As you’re watching the thin mask starts to disintegrate.  And it is covering up a festering wound.

A word that maybe didn’t come up enough in the story meetings is stakes.  They continually tell us there’s a lot at stake, but it never really seems that way.  His job, his future, her job, her future… the future of mankind maybe… it’s all very obtuse.

If your brain is melting and you don’t want to think for two hours, throw it in… but if you’re firing on all synapses then maybe hold off on this one.


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