Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

For the longest time I fought Woody Allen.  Growing up, I just had no taste for his films.  Then something happened.  I watched Match Point and enjoyed it.  Then I went back and watched Crimes and Misdemeanors and really responded to it.  It was funny and clever and I didn’t want to punch Woody in the face.  Then I caught up with Manhattan.  The same feeling again.  About three films later I realized, I was a closet Woody Allen fan.  Then it dawned on me, I didn’t dislike Woody Allen all of those years, I hated Diane Keaton.

It is with this new found attitude I went into Midnight in Paris. Just like his other movies that I was misjudging, it was a fun, whimsical romp through Paris.  Owen Wilson as Gil Pender is putting in his best Woody Allen impersonation, and he’s rather good at it. Rachel McAdams plays Inez, the good looking woman we love to hate, extremely well.  We immediately detest Michael Sheen’s Paul and it’s just another reason we jump right into 1920’s Paris with Wilson… and don’t want to leave.  It’s good fun meeting all of these artistic legends, but ultimately Gil learns that the present is where he belongs and he goes back to embrace it.

Not all of Allen’s movies are good, because he makes a helluva lot of them, but Midnight in Paris is definitely among my favorites of his.


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