Movie Review: Tiny Furniture

I don’t know how I made it through this.  I will chalk it up to being so tired i couldn’t work my Roku remote.  Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture garnered her a lot of praise, from Indie Spirit Awards to HBO deals… so I have anxiously awaiting it’s release on Netflix.

I knew going in that she made this for nothing and cast it with her family for the most part.  Still, it didn’t prepare me for the fall out that occurred.  This is everything I hate about independent films.  From the bored subject matter, to the terrible camera work and lighting… to the bad acting.

The story revolves a frumpy film graduate with no hopes, no dreams and no desires (played by Dunham herself).  She is so bland she’s not even unlikeable, because she’s the person you immediately forget meeting because it’s not worth your time.  She’s not quirky, she’s just boring.

When she gets banged in a steel pipe on a construction site it’s not uncomfortable. I didn’t feel sad for her.  I just felt pity.

When the unfunny nerd with a bad attitude won’t even make out with her and uses her house as a hotel, I don’t feel bad for her.  I felt like punching her for being such a dope.

I don’t know what this film is trying to say… and if it isn’t trying to say anything then what is its purpose of being?  As a sort of video diary for Dunham?  Well, I hope your life is a lot better and more exciting when you look back on this one in a few years.


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