Movie Review: Trespass

When this Joel Schumacher film starring Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman came and went without a wimper, or even a television commercial, I was scratching my head.  Surely Trespass couldn’t be that bad.  If they were lucky they got crazy Nicholas Cage.  If they weren’t lucky, well, they had some decent eye candy and maybe Ben Mendelson would channel his crazy from Animal Kingdom.

But it was.  It really was that bad.  It wasn’t crazy Cage, it was just bad-acting Cage.  This movie was so dreadful that Nicole Kidman, the most frigid actress around, may have been the most likeable character on screen.

It is complete with over-the-top, dumb as rocks thieves, coked up 15 year old wanna-be date rapists, a tired ‘I hate my parents but come to love them through adversity’ subplot and just all around bad acting and writing.

What happened to Joel Schumacher? This guy has made a good movie once or twice before. Many years ago.


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