Saturday Screwing Around

Although I should be knee deep in the Penny Black script, I’ve got issues on my mind (will write about this this coming week)… so I figured that I would do some artwork for my football project The Beast.

The script is done, but I do not want it to be my first film as a director.  It is a contained thriller, more like Lord of the Flies than Friday Night Lights, but the cast is massive.  There are a lot of a moving pieces.  This is football.  There will be a lot of orchestrating going on.  No, it will be my third or fourth film most likely.

However, I am adapting the script into a novella.  I have been struggling with the perfect book art for a while now.  Going on over three years.  Pawel did a really awesome look piece – but it is more fitting as promotional artwork.

Karol and I were working on something, but we put it on hold.  And then I saw a piece of artwork that sparked my imagination.  So, at first I went one way.  Then, I remembered a surf video whose cover I fell in love with a long time ago – Adrift.  It’s simple and I love the use of white space (no pun intended).  I wanted this for The Beast.  So I went in a totally different direction.  Then, I realized I could combine them.  Because the first idea didn’t really work as the cover – it made more sense without the title on it as the back cover.

These are very early designs and work.  They need some tender love and care.  Also, I’d like to swap the arrow on the helmet with a tomahawk, as this is the mascot in the book (and more distinct).


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