Movie Review: Another Earth

Mike Cahill’s first feature Another Earth is rivaled this year only by Sean Durkin’s first feature Martha Marcy May Marlene.  Although very different, they both deal with complicated young women and are made with a sure, competent hand.  Like MMMM, Another Earth features a brave performance by a young actress with a lot of promise, Britt Marling.  Marling is also a producer and co-writer here.  I recognized her immediately from her one episode of Community.

Technically a science fiction film, it is more of a drama with a science fiction backdrop (like the far inferior Monsters).  Things here move a languid pace and it works quite well for the story being told.  This is a woman tortured by a decision she made one night that she must live with forever.  Although done on the cheap, the production value is good and the performances from Marling and William Mapother are strong and assured.  From the start, Cahill sucks you in and continues that slow suck, never letting you go until the end of the film.

I enjoyed this film greatly and look forward to more work from both Cahill and Marling.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Another Earth

  1. Not many I would think. I’ve actually always been fascinated by this – so much so that I have a character in my first book, Harbor Moon, who plays a saw. I don’t know if you can find it, but I’ll look and see and post it here if I do.

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