Script Progress Report

I’ve got 50-something pages of Penny Black down.  But I’m truly only up to page 20.  Not bad though.  It’s really coming along and I’m starting to figure out exactly who Penny is.

Untitled Werewolf Hunter is up to page 32.  It’s bitchin’ and I just spent the day upstate (NY) doing a location scout. My buddy, who was also an Executive Producer on White Space and will be a producer on this film, has a cabin I can blow up/destroy and it sits on 35 acres.  I’ll post some pics and videos after I upload them to my computer.  Dikran’s also working on a revision of his latest spec with his writing partner, Rylend… so he’s splitting his time.  If I was a real scumbag I would have given him notes on that script after he finished this one.  But I’m such a swell guy.  And it all comes back around…



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