Movie Review: Red

It is to all our benefit that Red moves at a brisk pace… because it seems stuck in a time warp.  Not just because of its older cast.  The tone is something from a late 80’s, early 90’s action comedy.  A bit too zany for its own good.

The acting, as you would expect from the likes of Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren, is fine. It is what is asked of them that sinks the ship.  Brian Cox is tasked with putting on a Russian accent. John Malkovich is so over the top it hurts. And so is the action in the film.  Case in point, there is a scene where a woman aims a rocket launcher at our heroes and Malkovich steps out and shoots a single bullet at the same time.  The bullet strikes the rocket and the woman is sucked up in a fireball.

That pretty much sums up the entire film.  I like Mary-Louise Parker… it’s hard not to.  However, even she can’t save this.


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