Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

So, now that I know that Ed Helms and Jason Sudeikis are not the same person… I have a fresh perspective on Horrible Bosses.  I love Charlie Day (and can watch him read the phone book), like Helms/Sudeikis and thought Bateman was serviceable as the average guy in a bad situation. But now that I know Sudeikis is Sudeikis and in real life goes out with Olivia Wilde it actually hurts my opinion of this movie. Because his character Kurt is the one who gets the girls in this film… and it was funnier for me when I thought Helms was breaking out of his shell.

Now what do I think? It’s a totally ridiculous concept, with totally ridiculous plot points… but done by a team that knows this. They even point it out. Charlie Day works for Jennifer Aniston and she is blackmailing him into sleeping with her.  It’s insane.  She’s one of the hottest women on the planet. And one of the characters points this out.

It’s better than Hall Pass, but not as good as Cedar Rapids. If you look at this film as a bunch of little moments it is can be funny. As a whole it adds up to a lot of nothing.



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