Congrats G-Men

I do love it when a New York team wins.  It seems like icing on being from the best state in the union.  Congrats to Eli and the rest of the Giants.  And thank you for beating the Patriots. Again.  A team I can’t stand… such is life when you’re a Jets fan.

It hasn’t been easy growing up in my household.  My parents and siblings are all Yankee and Giant fans.  Do the math on the Mets vs Yankees debate and you’ll see that I have very little going for me.  Super Bowl 3 – great times… and the guy who quarterbacked that team won’t shut up still.  The Jets seemed like they were turning the corner and then, this year, dissolved after a loss to the Giants (who credit that win with turning their season around).  I’m not bitter.  I root for the Giants and Yankees when they’re not playing the Jets or Mets.  I always root for New York.  I don’t particularly like the Knicks, but since Allen Iverson is retired I don’t particularly care.  So I root for them.  I’m hoping that the Brooklyn Nets can make things happen.  I even tried to become a Clipper fan in LA.  Just couldn’t do it.  The one rivalry I can’t cross is the Rangers/Islanders.  I’m a Rangers fan… and the Islanders are in the same division.  The only two teams I hate more are the Devils and Flyers.  I really can’t stand Philadelphia teams.

One last time… until next September… J-E-T-S!


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