Cult Movie of the Week: Fraternity Vacation

We go from the frozen hills to the warm sunshine of Palm Springs and Fraternity Vacation.  Not many people associate spring break with Palm Springs (in fact, most people associate it with retired old folks), but don’t tell that to Larry ‘Mother’ Tucker, Charles ‘Chas’ Lawlor III or Wendell Tvedt.  They leave their snowy Iowa University and head there for the time of their lives in what may be the best spring break narrative film ever made.  Revenge of the Nerds 2 tries hard for that honor, but falls just a bit short.

In the film, Wendell is a nerd.  Plain and simple.  Over the course of the trip he gains the friendship of two of his frat brothers when his dad offers them his condo for the week.  To top it off, his father also offers the fraternity a hot tub and jacuzzi if they can help his son find a girl.

What would a a great 80′s film be without great foils?  It just so happens that a rival fraternity takes the same spring break. The boys make a bet on who can nail the ‘Designated Babe’ first, the blonde vixen Ashley Taylor.  Who, for whatever reason, decides to involve herself in their lives.  As you can expect, all sorts of mayhem ensues.

The best part of Fraternity Vacation, besides a ridiculous amount of girls who are ’80′s hot’ is Tim Robbins as ‘Mother’ Tucker.

It’s currently available on Netflix.  If you’re feeling nostalgic, fire up the VHS player and remind yourself about how cool you used to be.


One thought on “Cult Movie of the Week: Fraternity Vacation

  1. Fraternity Vacation starring Barbara Crampton and Kathleen Kinmont and that is the way that Fraternity Vacation should be promoted.
    Barbara and Kathleen truly delivered Fraternity Vacation’s description as a teen sex comedy with their infamous scene.
    When I first saw this scene I had just first discovered Barbara in The Bold and The Beautiful I was immediately smitten by her and immediately wondered whether she had shown her naked body during her career.
    I was extremely ecstatic when I discovered the answer to this question was yes when I first came upon Fraternity Vacation.
    In hindsight Barbara and Kathleen wearing their bikinis, with the latter wearing quite a revealing one, was clearly meant to prepare the viewer on seeing their beautiful naked bodies.
    Extremely ecstatic moment when Kathleen took off Barbara’s bikini revealing her beautiful breasts.
    In retrospect once Kathleen revealed Barbara’s breasts I should have realised at that moment that there was no way that Kathleen was ever going to keep her bikini on as the topless Barbara took off Kathleen’s bikini off revealing Kathleen’s breasts.
    Fraternity Vacation was the first time I ever saw Kathleen.
    I confess for sometime after I first discovered Fraternity Vacation I only thought of Kathleen as being the bonus girl in that scene and it did not occur to me when that scene was still new to me to look up her name something I was eventually glad to rectify.
    Barbara and Kathleen with them sharing their beautiful naked bodies are two beautiful equals and they will forever be precious parts of my heart and they will always be Chrissie and Marianne to me.

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