Cult Movie of the Week: Ski Patrol

In honor of winter in NY, the cult movie of the week is Ski Patrol,from 1990.

Roger Rose (better known now for voice over work) plays Jerry, the senior member of The Snowy Peaks ski patrol.  He lives to ski and is in love with fellow instructor Ellen (Yvette Nipar – who is hot but has only really done guest stars on tv). They are joined by T.K. Carter as Iceman – fans of The Thing will recognize him as Nauls.  Also on the team are a demolitions expert (George Lopez!), a misfit who can’t make the patrol team and a foreign exchange patroller… It all adds up to mayhem on the slopes.  The plot is pretty standard fare amped up with typical late 80′s/early 90′s comedy flare – the troop is trying to save the lodge from greedy land developer Sam Maris… played by Martin Mull. If Mull isn’t enough to get you to watch, I don’t know what is. If you want a clue to the tone of the film, it was produced by the same team that brought you Police Academy.  Even crazier, you can watch the whole movie through IMDB.

I will also give a special shout out to Ski School… which is even more off the rails.  And has a lot more T&A.  Featuring Dean Cameron, this movie is totally out of control goodness on the slopes.


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