The Beast – Cover

After a very long trial process, I finally decided upon a cover idea for The Beast.  It’s a feature film and I’m working on the novella as well.  Rather than wait for the book to be done (who does things in order?), I have been working on covers.

In The Beast, a high school football team takes a weeklong trip to a preseason camp in the recesses of a mountain town. While the coaches turn a blind eye, the charismatic running back begins a hazing ritual that quickly gets out of control and turns the camp and the team into his private army.  The star Quarterback resists and must battle the team he used to command.  It is, more or less, Lord of the Flies at a high school football camp.

I started the work, realized I was in over my head, brought Karol into the process and then Anna Mancheva (my graphic designer).  She did a kick-ass job getting the decals onto the helmet.  I did the title designs and Karol put it all together.  I have it with the tomahawk in gold as well, but when it is all put together the silver looks best. The tomahawk and X stand for the St. Pius X Tomahawks.  My dad went to middle school at St. Pius X and I wanted a Native American-themed mascot.

Let me know what you think.


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