Penny Black – Artwork

Penny Black is a script I’m currently writing with the purpose of just going out and shooting it.  The thought was to shoot on an iphone 4S, but we’ll see how it all shakes out.  We’ll how the RED Scarlet works out… and I really like the Sony FS100.

The idea is based around the conceit that this girl moves into an apartment with an oddly placed mail slot – attached to a wall.  When mail actually starts showing up it sends her world into chaos, bringing her out of her shell.

The Penny Black was the world’s first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system and is also the name of the main character. It was issued by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on 1 May, 1840, for use from 6 May of that year. All London post offices received official issues of the new stamps but other offices throughout the United Kingdom did not, continuing to accept postage payments in cash only for a period.


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