We May Pause… But We Don’t Stop

I’ve been slacking here, but for good reason.  Last night (or I guess this morning) around 4am I finished a rewrite of my latest script Penny Black.  It’s a quirky thriller.  Someone already compared it to Lost Highway, which is actually very flattering. David Lynch is a big inspiration for me. And when I set out to write the project the two movies I had in my head were Mulholland Drive and Amelie.  I know, I know… they don’t add up.  But if you read this you’d understand.  I guess a lot of Brad Anderson’s The Machinist creeps through the cracks as well – and that same person brought it up in reference to the script.  All very positive for me.

I’ve been outlining this project for about two and a half years.  It went through three complete and total overhauls. As in, it would be unrecognizable. I’m glad I never rushed it, because this version is so much better. In an odd way it is a mash-up of a few of my other projects (in some ways quite literally). Chasing Rabbits and R.E.M. to be exact.

The goal was always to write something that I could do for nothing.  (Nothing in the film world being a lot in the real world). Of course, as I fall more in love with the story and characters the more I want it to be perfect.  I just need to keep my focus and figure out how to do it with the least amount of money possible.  Right now my budget is $200,000 ($25,000 for about 10 minutes of animated sequences a la Kill Bill) and my ‘get it in the can’ number is $125,000.  I’m trying to get that into the 5 digit range. The biggest factors in that are going to be:

  • Location (city/state that I shoot in)
  • Camera (which digital camera I use)

I’ll be writing a post about locations at some point this week. My choices and why they are my choices. And where each one stands right now. I’ll also be writing more about camera choices as I figure it out.


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