Top 5 Movies That Got Me Into Movies


The first film I saw where I was not only blown away, but thought to myself, ‘Hey, I think I can do that.’

The Brothers McMullen

I am a Long Island Irish (and Italian) Catholic boy and can relate to Ed Burns, more so than Aronofsky – who is also a NY’er.  Burns grew up in a similar environment as me, and in fact we share common friends (although I’ve never met him). The ability to take an ultra-low budget, financed by donations from family and friends, and turn it into an indie hit spoke volumes to me when I first realized that I wanted to follow a path in film.  Brothers and Pi were the two most influential films for me at the onset – which is odd because of their two very different styles.  I think I’ve seen each over 50 times now.  I found Burns’ film to be tightly edited and shot well, two things you don’t find often in indie films.  The subject matter of the film really hit home and I thought each storyline was accessible.

Bottle Rocket

Cost a lot more than the other two, but it was so simple and executed so well.  It came at a time when indies were all trying to be Tarantino rip-offs, Wes Anderson breathed some life into the indie landscape – and created an avalanche of rip-offs of his style.

The Godfather

The perfect combination between blockbuster and arthouse masterpiece.

Star Wars

To me, the best blockbuster ever made.  How can you not be inspired after seeing this movie?


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