Movie Review: Mongol

I’ve been trying to get through all of Sergey Bodrov’s films as we are looking at him for another project. So far I have been underwhelmed, but Mongol was definitely a major step up.

I thought he did a great job with what he had. And I thought the acting was solid, particularly from Tadanobu Asano as Temudjin. He accomplished a lot without saying much of anything. I was along for the ride, but ultimately the script failed the director. They tried to cram too much into the film and had to make too many jumps in time. Some of those jumps happened at odd times. Or they happened at points where the lead was in a jam – and all of a sudden we cut to a few years in the future and it is no longer an issue. If you’re into Mongolian culture or history in general – it is worth your time. But it never goes further than skin deep.


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