Movie Review: The Hunter

Is there anything Willem Dafoe can’t do? He really shines here, in Daniel Nettheim’s The Hunter – one of those films that you wish you had seen in a theater when you had the chance. The cinematography is beautiful and something tells me the small screen does it no justice. Sweeping landscapes of Tasmania, contrasted with an intimate journey through those same lands… It possesses this almost magical quality – not unlike the Tasmanian tiger he hunts.

Most of the time child actors are a burden, either coming off as annoying, overly precocious (usually both), or just plain bad. Here they are fully realized and completely real. The young girl curses like a sailor and it all seems to make sense in this world. It reminded me of Winter’s Bone in that way. As if the actors around Dafoe were real people who didn’t know they were part of a film.

This is definitely a film worth checking out – especially since it is available on Netflix Instant.


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