Movie Review: Snowtown Murder

I am a sucker for any movie about a killer or serial killer. Whether it is the hunt for or genesis of… So when I saw the longline for Snowtown Murders I immediately added it to my Netflix queue. And as it happens, mu queue is mostly foreign language films. So when it comes to late night viewing, I went with this film not knowing much about it.

Turns out it is an Australian film about the worst killer(s) in the country’s history. It starts off slow, and lulls you into thinking it is about pedophilia… And then takes some even darker turns. It has one of the more disturbing rape scenes I have ever seen (Salo and Irreversible come to mind) and after that things get grim.

We are on a journey with Jamie, a young man who is dealt a pretty awful hand. And when we meet who appears to be his savior, a pretty great turn by Ben hens hall, we see why Jamie is sucked into what he does. I don’t know how accurate the story is, but it definitely shows how one can be complicit in crime and it make sense (as a human being).

I thought the director did a great job putting us in a time and place (I guess you could call it world building, but I would say world showing). The score was haunting right from the opening. And the acting all felt very authentic. If I had an issue with the film it would be the general malaise with which Jamie went through life. He is our eyes and ears and he was like a blank slate. However, I realize that was the intention. I had the same problem with another Australian film – Animal Kingdom – but I liked this film much more and have had it stuck in my head for days now.


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