Chasing Rabbits: The Redux

I was waiting until R.E.M. finished up to announce that we are making a shift in artists on Chasing Rabbits.  I am very excited to say that Zsombor Huszka will be the artist now. In fact, from the second he started turning in pages on R.E.M. I had pangs of regret that he wasn’t drawing Chasing Rabbits.  Due to family problems, Sigit had to step aside. He may actually draw a shorter book in the near future.

I have long believed that the script for ‘Chasing Rabbits is my best. This graphic novel has the chance to really blow people away. I was excited, and then I got this from Zsombor and I want to hold the hardcover in my hand. Now!

“Just finished the script…MAAAN! This WILL be huge! This will deserve an award or something! I’m a little worried to be able to make the best artwork this book deserves….”

Below are two tests he did in trying to figure out the best way to approach coloring…


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