Lunatic Has Been Approved!

It came over a month later than everyone expected, but my next feature film, LUNATIC, has finally received approval for the UK tax incentive.  Apparently they wanted a lot more documentation than previous years and it slowed things down a bit.  But we are now approved and can take final steps towards locking in financing and legal.

I am keeping myself on an even keel until that process is finalized because anything can happen between now and then.  However, the shoot date has been set in June and the powers that be are all gunning to make that happen.  I continue to do as much as I can and am way ahead of the curve in terms of where I need to be.

Lunatic-Werewolf Test


Fuzzies – House

Book 2 of Fuzzies is underway and I wanted to share a sample from the artist, Vovik.  He hails from the Ukraine and he brings a real sense of magic and happiness to his art, which will translate well to the property.

The sample is his rendition of a Fuzzy house.