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Day 6 of ‘R.E.M.’ Kickstarter

Today marks the sixth day of the Kickstarter campaign for my graphic novel R.E.M.   I woke up today and we were sitting at $4,957.

I have to say, I’m completely overwhelmed with the support the book has received from the Kickstarter community.  We currently have 144 backers, and I’d say roughly 85% of them are Kickstarter driven.  Only three of my family members have pledged so far (you bastards), and a handful of my friends.  That is something you hope for, but don’t really expect.  There’s a reason it is the brand that is synonymous with crowdfunding, and that is because they have built an amazing community within their electronic walls.  I guess, to some extent, I am part of that and didn’t even realize it.  I’ve backed over a dozen projects – and trust me, if I had the money I would back so many more. There is some crazy and cool stuff being done on there every day.  It’s a place I go to and marvel at people’s creativity – but, unlike most of the time, these creatives are coupled with ambition.  I work in a creative field, and most of the people I meet that I consider creative think the world owes them something.  It’s draining, and somewhat sad.  Kickstarter is the opposite of that.  And I have grown to love it.