R.E.M. – the Kickstarter

Hey all… for the last few months I have been preparing my graphic novel for printing.  Part of that was planning for a Kickstarter campaign for the book.  It wasn’t as simple as throwing the project up there and hoping for the best.  Either way, two days ago the campaign was launched.  You can see it here.

A big piece of the campaign was the trailer for the book.  Zsombor and I put a tremendous amount of effort into it, and the music was done by Dirty South.  How that came about is a long story – but basically I wound up putting together a music video with him and we are working on a feature film… and he saw it and dug it and absolutely killed it. You can see the trailer on the Kickstarter page (after a short intro by me – being very stiff).


We generated over $1,000 on the first day and about the same amount on the second day. As of this post, we are sitting at $2,446 (our goal is $7,000).  The money is to actually print the book and you can learn the more detailed description of everything at the Kickstarter page.

During the course of the campaign I will be releasing a page a day for the 30 days.  It was our goal to give away the first 30 for free and it just happened to work out with the timing of our campaign.  I will also be posting a step-by-step process of each page, which shows the layout/pencils, inked page and then the lettered page.  For the more complex pages I will do a detailed post.  There will be a ton of sleep articles and thing relating to sleep posted as well.  I have a breakdown of each character in a ‘meet the characters of R.E.M.’ segment ready to go.  I will also be sharing quotes on reading from a variety of authors – but twisted a bit to focus on our campaign.

If you have already pledged, I can’t thank you enough.  If not, please give us a look.  I know money is tight – so even if you like what you see but can’t pledge then please share it with anyone you think it might appeal to.  Thanks!


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