Galileo: Motion control for iPhone

Well over two years ago, I backed a project on Kickstarter called ‘Galileo’ from Motrr.  In essence, it is a docking station that acts a motion control rig for the iPhone.  Being interested in photography and filmmaking, I thought this was a pretty awesome piece of technology. In theory, you can control the Galileo from your iPad, moving it in a circle (or tilting up and down).

Yesterday, it finally arrived (I know there was some serious hatred being spewed at these guys for taking so long to deliver, but I rather a complete product that works than cry over it – and also, that’s the risk with Kickstarter).


It looks great, and feels solid.  However, after an hour of toying around with it, I started to worry that I bought a solidly built docking station.  Because the great secret is that Galileo doesn’t create software, only hardware.  And they are relying on third party developers to enable the devices to talk to each other.  So, I had to download an app to even test the thing out for $5 bucks.  And the app was shit.  In fact, all of their third party apps are shit.  The one standout is DMB Panorama, which stitches together photos to create 360 degree panoramas. But you have to rig it up in the iPhone direct – you don’t control it from the iPad.  So that is lame.

Word is that FilmicPro is working on compatibility.  I hope that is the case and it comes soon.  I also hope that it works with the iPad.

If you have kids – there is a surveillance app.  It is probably cool, but I’m not sure of the range and if you have to be on the same network as the iPhone you’re using to watch things.

In closing, it’s a cool device with almost no software to support it.  So, I’m somewhat disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Galileo: Motion control for iPhone

    • I shot something with Collabocam – but it looks like shit. Collabocam is more like a multi-camera thing, and the video resolution is absolute shit. The only thing worthwhile so far is DMB Panorama. I will revise this post at some point today with a picture I take with the app.

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