R.E.M. – Postcards Galore

I hope everyone from the states had a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.  And everyone from across the globe had a great weekend as well.  I had been updating backers (and I guess those checking out the project) of the Kickstarter for ‘R.E.M.’ pretty much daily.  I know it gets tired quickly, so I took it easy on the updating to give everyone a break from me.

Although I was slow with the updates, the campaign has been a success so far. We hit our stated goal in ten days and the current total is just above $9,000!  This is a huge relief, because the book cost a lot more than printing to produce (it is closer to $25,000).  I would have been thrilled if we hit our goal – beyond thrilled – but seeing the support and interest in the book is amazing… and helps take a great burden off my shoulders financially.

Hitting 9,000 means we’ve also unlocked the full postcard set for ‘R.E.M.’ (three altogether)  I will hopefully post pictures of these in the next day or so…

It’s been like an amazing dream that you expect to end at any second, but somehow we’re still going. Willy Wonka once said, “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamer of dreams,” and here are the man that wrote those words with his thoughts on books/reading…



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