Art and Body Art

As a lot of the backers for ‘R.E.M.’ have pointed out (thanks by the way)… I now have to put my body up for the book. We have crossed the $10,000 mark and I have to tattoo the tree of life by Zsombor on the entirety of my lower leg (the back). I have accepted my fate (my lower leg doesn’t yet know it), and am just a bit nervous.

Also, and more important, every backer at every level will receive a digital download of a print quality ‘R.E.M.’ poster.

We are now just passed the halfway point of the campaign yesterday and somehow things are still going… I truly appreciate the support of everyone involved – both as backers and for spreading the word.  I just realized for the first time it shows me how many times it has been shared on Facebook.  It’s at 703.  That’s a good feeling.

Before this all started, I told myself – don’t stress out and take it to heart if you can’t raise even a fraction of your goal.  Harper Lee had some advice for me at the time that applies to whatever you’re doing…




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