First Official ‘R.E.M.’ Review

We have had some pretty amazing reader comments and posts about the book, but yesterday saw the first ‘official’ review of the graphic novel.  It comes from Alternative Magazine Online, a UK publication run by Marty Mulrooney.

I’m proud to say it is a glowing one – and can only hope and pray this is the first of many.  The full review is at the site, but here is a quick snippet:

“R.E.M. is a success both as a Kickstarter campaign, and also as a graphic novel that demonstrates genuine and heartfelt passion from its creators. I’ve kept my eye on Ryan Colucci ever since I reviewed Harbor Moon in 2010. As much as I enjoyed that previous work, R.E.M. is a cut above in every department. I must confess that I felt quite a personal connection with Michael’s struggle. My girlfriend suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and the power of sleep – and the importance of a good night’s sleep actually doing what it’s supposed to, something many people simply take for granted – wasn’t lost on me in the slightest. R.E.M. is a graphic novel that will reward repeat readings, singling out Ryan Colucci and Zsombor Huska as a creative partnership to follow closely. I’m proud to have backed their latest project and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”



Gearing up for NY Comic-con

Just over a week out from NYCC and the official launch of ‘R.E.M.’.  Zsombor got to NY last week and we’ve been getting a lot of housekeeping done.  Putting the finishing touches on art prints (including a NYCC exclusive), making sure all the prints are ready for print (which should get printed this week), getting a promo issue of Chasing Rabbits done, as well as making sure all the rewards and stretch goal artwork is ready to go.

We had a bump in the road yesterday – that made me lose about a year of my life.  But it is apparently working itself out – but cost me a bunch of money and has the chance to cost me even more. I will write a detailed post about it tomorrow, but it involves the importing of the books from a foreign country (my first time doing that).


4 Days to Go!

We passed our $12,500 Stretch Goal for the R.E.M. Kickstarter today!  Every backer will be receiving a download of print quality limited edition Kickstarter ‘R.E.M.’ poster.

I just received all of the shipping supplies:

  • 1000 mailers
  • 500 rigid flat mailers for prints
  • 4 rolls of packaging tape
  • 1000 bags for books at conventions
  • 500 bags for prints at conventions

Hard to believe it is really happening. Even harder to believe that over $300 worth of shipping supplies can fit in a few boxes.

2013-09-11 20.42.02

The Homestretch

We have just one more week! Seems crazy to think it was 3 weeks ago that this campaign started.  It has been a lot of fun, and interacting with all of you through messages or comments has been great. After the Kickstarter, I just want you all to know that I am always available through email, Facebook or Twitter – maybe more so than my family wants me to be.  And this project stays live (in terms of being able to message me and send updates) pretty much forever.

We’re inching closer and closer to the next stretch goal (a download of a print quality limited edition poster only for Kickstarter). If and when we get there, Zsombor has something cool cooked up for all of you.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Morpheus has something serious he wants you to ponder…